• Nearly 80% of Americans leave funeral arrangements to the widowed spouse or surviving children at a time when grief and stress are at their greatest. 

  • Purchasing cemetery plots ahead of time reduces emotional and financial stress, while also ensuring significant savings. Your family will be comforted to know your arrangements are as you wished.

  • You can also inquire about family sections to ensure your family will all rest together.


Your options include a beautiful selection of individual gravesites throughout the Cemetery. Honor your family’s traditions and customs by choosing from the vast options available at an affordable price.


Riverside’s exclusive areas, are packaged with premium services which may include Perpetual Care service, monument foundations, personalized benches, wide concrete walkways and special area landscaping. Call for availability and arrange a personal tour.


Gravesite packages in this exclusive area include Perpetual Care and a foundation for the headstone.


Gravesite packages in this exclusive area include Perpetual Care.

Take A Tour. Free 30-day Hold. Planning your own end of life celebration, or that of your loved one, is a very important decision. Come for a no obligation tour of our manicured grounds and take your time to think about your preferred gravesite. We will hold your desired gravesites for 30 days - no deposit required.


Easy and Convenient Payment Options. Purchasing more than one grave? Pay for one grave today and pay for the 2nd grave in one year with no interest. We accept credit cards, checks and cash.

Worry-Free Landscaping Program. A one-time payment for Perpetual Care ensures your gravesite is landscaped and cared for forever – including plantings, monument cleaning and grass care. Save more when purchasing this premier service pre-need.


  • Do you prefer locations near family or friends?

  • Do you prefer locations near the office or main road for ease of parking?


  • Is accessibility via a sidewalk important?


  • Do you prefer the tranquility of the center of the Cemetery or locations near a road?


  • Do you prefer the shade of a tree or the bright open sunny landscape?


  • Do you prefer an area where all graves have Perpetual Care landscaping service?


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